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Margaret Mitchell made Gone With the Wind
Happened in 1939 it won 9 awards out of 13 nominations.
Is important to the box office industry by making a new record which gave movies industries a boost in money.

Sad, Non-fictional,box office hit, interesting
Which (who) created drama, an idea about the Civil War, new opinions about the war and times, and was the new "Romeo and Juliet."

Which (who hurt... ) Other movie theaters, other movies, loss jobs(because of no money in the theaters.) Also, it hurt some people emotionally(how it ended)

Will always be remembered by people who lived in the same time because it will always bring back good and bad memories and as the movie that sold the most box office tickets

Has event or person helped us achieve the American Dream?
Yes, it has made a difference to movie theaters all around America.

I believe Gone With the Wind will always be remembered for its true stories and for how it changed box office history. Also, I believe it told people like me, how rough it was with the Civil war and the carpetbaggers.

1939, Margaret Mitchell
Gone With the Wind made its debut then broke box office records, it was made by Margaret Mitchell.
Happened in 1939 in Georgia, also the book sold millions of copies itself.
It was Sad, true, a movie killer, dramatic

Personal Reflection- Yes I think entertainment has changed the people's views around America.I think I have gained many things from this project like learning about carpetbaggers and drive-in movie theaters