: Do you think that this project will change people's views of America? Why or why not? What have you gained from this project? Make sure to put your user name next to your paragraph.

I think this project did change the way people think about America because it said what the Americans did to serve American. World war2 was tragic and all those Americans that died gave there lives for us. I have gained lots of stuff from this project because now i know what they went through.They used lots of guns. There snipers look a lot the same. I gained knowledge from this and about what they did for us.

American tank

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external image

world war 2
Asia and Europe

scary, bad, violent, loud
Is important to . The Americans
sadness of families, death to lots of people, loss of money, destruction

American army men, Japanese army man, passing by standers,and German army men

the Americans, and the Japanese army

Has event or person helped us achieve the American Dream?
I believe...that all the Americans that ricked there lives to sever are country helped it.

Asia and Europe
scary, bad, violent, loud