personal reflection-
The Olympics, I believe, has affected American history because it has brought people together to
compete and have fun. It created opportunities for people to compete for the fun of it, but I also think
for the glory that comes with saying, " I was in the Olympics, and I brought home a medal". People don't
have to win a medal to be proud of themselves. They can be proud that they made it to the Olympics
and telling people that they were in the Olympics. I do not think that the Olympics has affected culture
because if the athletes in the Olympics win or lose, their lives still go on with their various cultures. The
Olympics has made a diffferece in the economy because people would go to watch the Olympics, and
they would have to pay for their seats, snacks, basically whatever they wanted to buy, and the people
watching the Olympics at home on their television would have to pay the electricity bill. Athletes that
were in the Olympics are part of society, and their lives are drastically changed. When people are in the
Olympics, it is not an easy thing to forget especially if you are or were one of the athletes. People will
remember that their whole lives. The Olympics hasn't exactly affected society in a drastic way. It has
added to it a new group of people. People who aren't afraid to go out and compete for glory or for, as
some people put it, for shame. It is not shameful for people who lose. The experience of losing helps
them become a better person. The old society, before the Olympics, did have people who weren't afraid
to go out and compete despite what other people may think, but I think that the Olympics has added to
that number of people.(esat-fms6)

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Every four years since April 6, 1896
All over the world but started in Greece
Athletic, fun, competitive, hard
Is important to people all over the world because it teaches them that winning isn't everything
Opportunities for people to compete, happiness, sadness, excitement
People who lost, people that got injured, fans of the people who lost, and friends and family of the people who lost
Medals that people won, experiences that people had
I believe that the Olympics has helped us achieve the American Dream because it has brought people together
Every four years since April 6, 1896
All over the world but started in Greece
Challenging, athletic, competitive, exciting