This is my bio poem.
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Exploring an idea by JJay.
Exploring an idea by JJay.
Slip by Elsie esq..
Slip by Elsie esq..

The Date of the Event or person July 25, 1844

Name of Historical Event or Person Thomas Edison

Happened/Lived in 1860

Four words that describe this person or event interesting, smart, curious, loves experimenting

Is important to the world of inventions

Which (who) created light bulb, camera, telegraph, electric generating system

the camera has hurt celebrities because of paparazzi

Will always be remembered by the camera, and the telegraph

this person has helped us achieve the American dream because he gave us many ideas
to work with

Reflection: Do you think that this project will change people's views of America? Why or why not? What have you gained from this project?

Thomas Edison was a great man. He lived a great life of achievements. One of his many achievements were the light bulb. The light bulb help us because if we didn't have it then we would not be able to see at night.Another amazing invention that he created was the electric generating system. If we didn't have that then if the power went out we wold be completely dark. Therefore it greatly helped us achieve the American dream. I think that this project will change the way people look at America because it informs them of the achievements that were achieved in America. I have Gained knowledge from this project. It taught me more about Thomas Edison.