Final Digital Stories
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Do you think that this project will change people's views of America? Why or why not? What have you gained from this project? Make sure to put your user name next to your paragraph.

Yes i do because its is interesting to learn about.I learned about Joseph Goebbles and ww2.Joseph was Hitlers assistant. He killed his family. then killed him self. rbeh

akjs-fms6's Bio Poem:
Hello, this is my digital story. My topic is the Boston Tea Party.I think that my topic will change the way people look at America in many ways because I think this would make people think that America is full of war and conflict and a bunch of people watch these American history videos we make.I have learned a lot more about the Boston Tea Party.This was a really fun project and it was challenging.

Welcome to my digital story. My story is based on the Civil War. I think that this project will change peoples views of America because this project is based on the American Dream and how these events in history has helped America achieve the American Dream. When people view this project they will realize that these events in history have actually helped America achieve it's freedom and peace. People will start to think about how our world could become a better place where people can live in peace and America will achieve the American Dream. I've learned a lot from this project. I've learned what the American Dream actually is and I learned about many events in history that helped America achieve the American Dream. I will now understand how to help America achieve the American Dream.

I think this project did change the way people think about America because it said what the Americans did to serve American. World war2 was tragic and all those Americans that died gave there lives for us. I have gained lots of stuff from this project because now i know what they went through.They used lots of guns. There snipers look a lot the same. I gained knowledge from this and about what they did for us.

I think that the project we just finished will change peoples views in many ways. The main way is that now they know the facts and the whole story of very important events. Also, everyone that watches the videos that we made will have more knowledge about American history. I have gained a lot from the project that we completed. I now know a lot more about technology and computers. Before we started the class, I wasn't even sure what a wiki was. Now I know exactly what wiki means and a lot more. It was also a very fun class to take.

Sam V.-society
Karl S.-culture
Carter W.-economy
Dylan O.
Shawn G.-American history
Sterling S.
Brandon H.
Sang L.
Sean C.
Michele C.

  • Brainstorm
  • guns
  • flamethrowers
  • tanks
  • grenades
  • aircraft
  • baenett
  • mines
  • claymore
  • infintry

  • Events
  • world war 1
  • world war 2
  • cold war
  • gulf war
  • Iraq war
  • civil war
  • Revoulutionary war
  • September 11

  • Action Verbs
  • running
  • fighting
  • Shooting
  • bombing
  • killing
  • dying
Project Task: What is the American Dream? Here we will discuss how War and Conflict has impacted the American Dream. You can create your digital story about any war or conflict that has impacted the way we currently live. What we want to know about War and Conflict is: how has War and Conflict affected American History, culture, economy, society, you name it.

Technology is a great tool for learning and understanding anything. Unfortunately, there are events in history, names, dates, and historical events that are sometimes hard to understand.

Your group is in charge of this wiki page. A completed wiki page will include:

  1. An introduction to the Topic: 5 paragraphs
  2. Your completed digital story
  3. A Personal reflection on the topic
  4. Works cited and references section.

A completed Digital Story will have:
_ a running time of at least 3 minutes.
_ an introduction that tells the viewer what event or historical person we are about to learn about.
_ at least 2 original pictures that you have taken yourself.
_ at least 8 historical pictures that you have found using or
_ at least 2 sentences per picture of accurate, referenced text that you have quoted or paraphrased from another source. Or original writing that you wrote yourself.
_ at least 5 sources for the entire project including books, Internet web sites, magazines, TV shows, radio interviews.
_ a conclusion that wraps up your story.
_ a references section included on the bottom of the wiki that is in MLA format. Use to make your citations. Only cite the websites that you used in your final project
Aswv-fms6s Reflection-I think that it will change the views of the people that see it. It reminded me of how thankful
i should be.I mean we over came so much bad.The people that wach this will love the usa even more now.

Hsag-fms6's bio poem paragraph:
My bio poem is about how osama benladin crashed the world trade center or twin towers with twin towers/. the twin towers were located in new york. I would say that this moment of history would probably be the worst time ever. My reasoning for this is that Thousands of people died during this event. can you imagine what the emotions were like of the friends or family members that died.