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Do you think that this project will change people's views of America? Why or why not? What have you gained from this project?

Yes i think my project will change people views i know i did.I think it change people view because all the people who die and it was sad.I bet many people were sad for all people who die in the Chicago Theater.I have gained knowledge about the Chicago Theater.

Yes I think my project will because I did fire in a Chicago Theater. People don't really forget the things that happened in Chicago. I have gained the knowledge about the fire.I want to know a lot about what happened in my home city. Like the Chicago fire we will never forget the it. csaf-fms6

Yes, I think this project will change people's views of America because it tells a lot about American history. They will learn about good times in American history, and that will probably change their view if they have a negative view of America. I have gained a lot of new information about America's history that I did not know before. Throughout creating this project, I did research that gave me a lot knowledge about America's history. iljs-fms6

Thomas Edison was a great man. He lived a great life of achievements. One of his many achievements were the light bulb. The light bulb help us because if we didn't have it then we would not be able to see at night.Another amazing invention that he created was the electric generating system. If we didn't have that then if the power went out we wold be completely dark. Therefore it greatly helped us achieve the American dream. I think that this project will change the way people look at America because it informs them of the achievements that were achieved in America. I have Gained knowledge from this project. It taught me more about Thomas Edison.
By: apmw-fms6


I think that this project will change peoples view of America. I think this because it shows that America has done many great things to help the world. I gained knowledge from this project. I learned a lot of things about computers. I also learned a lot of things about submarines. I learned that the first successful submarine happened in England in the 15th century

By: logo-fms6

I think this project will change the view of the people in America. I think this because people can check this

site out and learn something they might not know and reflect from it like I am. I gained the knowledge of the

Wright brothers and the first flight. I think that this project is a great experience for me.


I think technology has changed the way people think about America. Some of the reasons I think this are. That it is safer using technology for security. You get better connections with your phone. In this project I learned that technology is more important than I thought it was.


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Olivia O. :)
patrick w.
Scott F.
Matthew A.
liana s.
Jaime Bonilla
Project Task: What is the American Dream? Here we will discuss how Tools and Technology has impacted the American Dream. You can create your digital story about any modern or ancient tool. What we want to know about that tool or technology is: how has that tool effected American History, culture, economy, society, you name it.

Technology is a great tool for learning and understanding anything. Unfortunately, there are events in history, names, dates, and historical events that are sometimes hard to understand.

Your group is in charge of this wiki page. A completed wiki page will include:

  1. An introduction to the Topic: 5 paragraphs
  2. Your completed digital story
  3. A Personal reflection on the topic
  4. Works cited and references section.

A completed Digital Story will have:
_ a running time of at least 3 minutes.
_ an introduction that tells the viewer what event or historical person we are about to learn about.
_ at least 2 original pictures that you have taken yourself.
_ at least 8 historical pictures that you have found using or
_ at least 2 sentences per picture of accurate, referenced text that you have quoted or paraphrased from another source. Or original writing that you wrote yourself.
_ at least 5 sources for the entire project including books, Internet web sites, magazines, TV shows, radio interviews.
_ a conclusion that wraps up your story.
_ a references section included on the bottom of the wiki that is in MLA format. Use to make your citations. Only cite the websites that you used in your final project