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Imdp-fms6- No, because it happened along time ago and no one probably doesn't
really pay much attention to the Chicago Fire any more. Also every thing is fixed
in Chicago what happened in Chicago Fire. But, if the Sears Tower was built
back then when the fire happened people would care then because it is so
tall and interesting. Also because the Sears Tower has the world record.

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Chicago fire

Chicago went on fire.
The people in the homes.
fire, burning, houses, and help.
The people in Chicago.
Cow, fire, lattern, and spreading.
The fire hurt over 300 people.
Fire went along time.
It was scary to the people.
It was light.

The fire and the people who died.
I believe...that the people who died probably
had a dream and probably was going to
be famous in the future.

Sears tower
When it was beginning to get built.

The sears tower was losing money real fast.
The sears tower is in Chicago.

Losing money, about to close, It is tall, and instresting.