Reflection: Do you think that this project will change people's views of America? Why or why not? What have you gained from this project? Make sure to put your user name next to your paragraph.

yrmj-fms6- Bio Poem Paragraph
Welcome to my digital story. My main topic is nine eleven. I believe that this relates to the American dream because on that day, September 11, 2001 many USA citizens were killed. Also came the death of two special towers, the twin towers. I always wonder why the bad people on the plane did this. There were many pictures I used to show how terrible this event was. I couldn't even imagine how scared the people in the building must have been. The whole building probably shook, then everything was quiet. The death of thousands of people happened after that. I believe that nine eleven ruined the American dream. I hope that you enjoy my digital story. While you are watching it think about the many people that were killed. I think that nine eleven changed peoples views of America because it seemed more unsafe in America after nine eleven happened. I have gained a lot of knowledge on nine eleven because of this project, it really helped me learn more on the subject.

Yes i do think that my project will change the way people think about America. I think that my project will tell everybody that people still think about the past of America. I think my project will do this because it tells about the sorrow and shows the tragedies that happened that day. I gained info about 9-11 I never new before this project.

Luke Peterson (ulrp-fms6)
Hello welcome to my digital story. The topic that i did my story on was nine eleven twin towers. I think that my project will change peoples views of America Because I did my story on a good topic. The things that I gained from this project Is I learned a lot more about the Twin Towers. I also learned a lot more about computers. I am better at working with them because of good teaching from the teacher. I learned how to create a wiki. I think that wikis will help me a bunch in the future. i will be able to organize plans better with wikis. I am glad that i got put in this class because it will prepare me for the future.

memw-fms6 The statue of Liberty
This is My Bio poem. The main topic is the Statue of Liberty. I think that the Statue Helps to Change peoples view of the
American Dream because the Statue of Liberty represents freedom and liberty and a better place in this world. It helps
people realize that there is more to life than war and material things. I have gained lots of knowledge about history during
this project. I think it will help me in my social studies class.

Welcome to my digital story. My main topic is Mt. Rushmore. I think that this projects will change not everyone's but a lot of people's views about America. It might not because some people have their minds set on what they think about our country. For other people it probably will change their views about America. I have gained a lot of confidence in my knowledge of history from this project. It has helped me understand a lot and I leaned lots of new facts.

Imdp-fms6- No, because it happened along time ago and no one probably doesn't
really pay much attention to the Chicago Fire any more. Also every thing is fixed
in Chicago what happened in Chicago Fire. But, if the Sears Tower was built
back then when the fire happened people would care then because it is so
tall and interesting. Also because the Sears Tower has the world record.

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Brain Storm!
  • White house
  • recycle
  • rocky Mts.
  • Appalachian Mts.
  • Mt. Rushmore
  • Grand canyon
  • Yellow stone gysers
  • death valley
  • Sears tower
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Twin towers
  • Museum of natural history
  • Baseball Hall of fame
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Chicago fire
  • Global Warming
  • Wild Fires
  • build
  • create
  • destroy
  • die
  • kill
  • Murder

Ryan J.
Emily W.
Luke P.
Amanda F.

Brandon S.
Matt J.

Project Task
: What is the American Dream? Here we will discuss how the how are homes and living has impacted the American Dream. You can create your digital story about the history of how we live in America. What we want to know about House and Homes are: how has our way of living affected American History, culture, economy, society, you name it.

Technology is a great tool for learning and understanding anything. Unfortunately, there are events in history, names, dates, and historical events that are sometimes hard to understand.

Your group is in charge of this wiki page. A completed wiki page will include:

  1. An introduction to the Topic: 5 paragraphs
  2. Your completed digital story
  3. A Personal reflection on the topic
  4. Works cited and references section.

A completed Digital Story will have:
_ a running time of at least 3 minutes.
_ an introduction that tells the viewer what event or historical person we are about to learn about.
_ at least 2 original pictures that you have taken yourself.
_ at least 8 historical pictures that you have found using or
_ at least 2 sentences per picture of accurate, referenced text that you have quoted or paraphrased from another source. Or original writing that you wrote yourself.
_ at least 5 sources for the entire project including books, Internet web sites, magazines, TV shows, radio interviews.
_ a conclusion that wraps up your story.
_ a references section included on the bottom of the wiki that is in MLA format. Use to make your citations. Only cite the websites that you used in your final project.